Beauty Must-Haves Flight Attendants Shouldn't Travel Without

As a flight attendant, looking and feeling fresh at 40,000ft can sometimes be hard. Not to mention the jet lag! At Cabin Crew Life, we have put together a list of 6 must-have beauty products that as flight attendants we can't live without.  Make sure you carry them all when traveling to keep you looking and feeling fresh on your next flight.

Cabin Crew Life Compression Stockings

 An absolute travel essential. Whether you're standing for long periods of time serving customers, or sleeping in the crew rest compartment our Cabin Crew Life moderate compression stockings are a life saver. Our pantyhose perfectly snug your legs while also shaping your figure, helping support the blood circulation and helping to prevent leg fatigue, swelling and a variety of health conditions such as  spider veins, varicose veins, and DVT. They are so comfy you won't want to miss a day wearing them on your flights!

Face Mist 

There is no better feeling than hydrated skin. Flying dries out your skin making it flaky and ruining your make up. Spraying a rose water mist is the remedy we all need. Rose water face mist boosts radiance and delivers long lasting hydration to your skin. It also balances your skin tone and improves your sleep. You will find yourself reapplying rose water spray for that yummy smell over and over again. 

Lip Balm

Moisturized and smooth lips are key when applying our lipstick, more so when you have to leave your lipstick on for hours until duty finishes. Applying a lip balm like Pawpaw ointment under or on top of your lipstick will leave your lips silky smooth.  It adds shimmer acting like a gloss while hydrating your lips and preventing them from becoming chapped.

Hand Lotion 

We want soft and moisturized hands, especially when the air inside the cabin sucks the life out of your skin. Dryness is the enemy when flying. We recommend using a hydrating hand lotion to moisturize your skin and prevent your cuticles drying out. 

Hydrating Eye Drops 

Lubricating eye drops provide moisture and hydrate your eyes. We love Refresh or Systane Ultra drops which both come without preservatives. They are sometimes packed in handy single-use containers. We recommend these especially if dry eyes is something you battle with when flying. 

Eye Serum or Eye Cream 

We love using Kiehl's or Ordinary eye products for the under eye area to make you look and feel fresh. Traveling can cause under eye puffiness  and dehydration. 

Adding these must-have beauty products to your bag before every flight can be a game-changer for your health and wellbeing, so don't forget to pack them!